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Clairsentients – those who perform Clairsentient readings – have the ability to feel and obtain information from senses other than physical. These can be paranormal, in the case of a clairsentient medium, or emotional, in the case of a clairsentient empath. Clairsentient psychics are able to obtain information about another person or entity without being told. Some, such as the best clairsentient psychics online at Zenory, can even obtain it without any form of touch.

Clairsentients can understand you sometimes better than you understand yourself, as they reach into your subconscious and can tell you things you may be avoiding or disbelieving of. A psychic Clairsentient reading with Zenory can help you to realise your true life path, reconcile your past and provide closure on difficult situations.

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What is Clairsentient?

Clairsentience is a psychic gift, literally meaning ‘clear-feeling’. It is the gift of intuition that goes beyond our physical senses. It is essentially a heightened form of empathy and can be possessed by any of us without realising it, but some people’s gifts are more developed than others.

How can a Clairsentient reading help you? 

People who develop the gift of clairsentience are able to use it to help others. It often feels like a calling or a responsibility to use the gift for good in the world. Some clairsentient psychic gifts can help give people a sense of purpose in their life through the energy that is passed. 

Other times they can sense situations that are on the horizon and can help people to guide a path or give a warning.

Clairsentient readings with Zenory 

If you would like to have a psychic clairsentient reading online, it has never been easier. Zenory Psychics has a vast selection of clairsentient psychics online for you to choose from, our clairsentient readings are highly acclaimed so you can be reassured knowing you will be receiving some of the best Clairsentient psychics online.