Psychics vs Mediums - is there a Difference?

This is a question that gets asked often. In the popular TV show ‘The Long Island Medium we see how grieving people hear from their loved ones through the amazing Theresa Caputo. 

The word medium itself can mean “channel". A psychic medium is someone with the gift of being able to channel messages from people who have crossed over to the other side of the veil, from the earth plane to the spiritual world.

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Online Psychics vs Mediums - is there a Difference?

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You can think of a medium like a Skype application, it allows you to communicate with people who are far away. Why do we have to communicate with departed loved ones through a medium? Technically we can all channel or communicate with those who are on the spiritual plane.

Many times our own gifts are not developed enough and often grief gets in the way of connecting with the other side, so using a medium is a perfect solution. 

If you are wondering how it feels to be a medium, I use tarot cards as well as my psychic gifts to “see”, hear, and feel people’s loved ones and their message and just relay them to my clients. It literally feels like the spirit of that departed person enters the room to speak to us, there’s nothing spooky about it.

A psychic on the other hand is simply a person with highly developed extra sensory perception or someone who is able to pick up lots of information that is beyond the five senses of touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. 

What’s interesting is that psychic gifts also come with their own special qualities, for example, a clairvoyant gift allows a psychic to SEE visions, to receive information in the form of images, sometimes they can describe a person you know or a person that’s coming in your life in detail.

They do this with their clairvoyant gift. Another psychic gift is clairsentience, where a psychic can receive impressions through their feelings. 

For example, a psychic can tell you how someone feels about you by tuning into that person’s emotions and feeling them. A psychic can give you information about the future but some can also tell you about angels and guides who surround you or give you valuable wisdom and insight about your past or present. 

A psychic can read minds at times too, including your mind. However, it’s important to remember that a psychic is also a medium, meaning they can channel info from the spiritual realm. 

The way we use the word medium has come to mean a psychic who specializes in connecting with “dead people”, or those who have crossed over.  Sometimes a psychic can do mediumship.  

Sometimes a medium can’t give you a psychic reading. Sometimes a psychic can’t or chooses not to give medium readings. It’s always good to make sure a person is very comfortable and capable of being a medium before you get this kind of reading done. 

Some people assume a psychic can also do this, or that a medium is necessarily good at giving a psychic reading, and this is not always true.

Psychic mediums find their gift extremely gratifying because you can see how people get very touched when they see that they are connecting people with their departed loved ones. 

Psychic readings are good and fun as well, but it’s more likely to touch someone deeply when giving them a psychic medium reading and for this reason, welcome questions about your loved ones who are on the other side.